#Ampoule.  In recent years, we have often heard this name when it comes to skin care. 

Especially when used in bridal makeup, many new bridal secretaries will use ampoules to help brides before makeup. So what is an ampoule?  We believe that most of the people have heard, touched, and even used ampoules. But a lot of people can't tell what is the difference between an ampoule and a serum.


#What is an ampoule (ampoule/amp) 

Small glass bottles are used for taking sterile medicines, with a capacity of about 1-25ml. 

In the early days, it was used to take blood samples from the deceased and to bury them with them. (OMG) 

Modern ampoules are basically filled with high-concentration essences and stored in a sealed way. The most widely used on bridal makeup, mostly high-concentration serums. It can achieve the effect of skin care in a very short period of time.

 Ampoules are different from other basic skin care products, and are also different from essences. The concentration and activity of ampoules are higher than those of essences. They are usually used for short-term first aid recovery and must be used up as soon as possible after opening, but as far as the order of use is concerned, it can be thought of as the same as the essence. After the lotion and the ampoule, you need to apply a cream or lotion to seal the nutrients.

Gradually, many big brands have launched their own ampoule skin care products, which can be used by ordinary people on weekdays. Unlike the ampoule used by bridal secretaries, the daily maintenance essence is put into the ampoule, so that the daily skin care products can be used. They are all fresh and sterile, and they are easy to carry. So, what are the benefits of sealing skin care products in ampoules?


*High concentration formula can feel the effect immediately

In the process of sealing the skin care products into the ampoules, there will be a compression process. Through the compression step, the ingredients can be highly concentrated. Therefore, it will be better than ordinary skin care products.


* Ability to focus on focused repairs

Because of the high concentration of ingredients in the ampoule, you can focus on the areas you care about. On the contrary, the bottled skin care products will not be used on the whole face in large quantities like ordinary skin care products.


*Able to directly give the ingredients that the skin needs

Because the ampoule is highly concentrated and sealed in a small amount of ingredients, you can choose the ingredients you need and use them directly to nourish your skin.


Now all major brands have launched their own ampoule skin care products series one after another. There are no less than 10 kinds of ampoules in our own skin care products alone. In this market full of ampoule skin care advertisements, what is the difference between ampoules and general skin care products? When is a good time to use ampoules? I believe some people may not be clear.


#When to use ampoules and the cycle of use

Due to the high concentration and activity of ampoules, short-term "first aid maintenance" is generally recommended. It is not recommended as a long-term daily maintenance procedure. Just like if you eat a big meal every day and your stomach is easy to feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to be sensitive or need first aid maintenance during the changing seasons. When it is used, it is limited to a maximum of one month, or a week of intensive maintenance is good, so as to avoid causing excessive burden on the skin. After use, return to normal skin care and maintenance steps with normal skin care products. 


#How to use ampoules

*Clean hands

Not only when applying ampoules, but before washing your face or removing makeup, it is important to keep your hands clean.

*Clean your face with facial cleanser or room temperature water

Before using ampoules for skin care, clean your face with a facial cleanser or water. Be sure to choose a facial cleanser that suits your skin type. Many people share facial cleansers with their families, but it is very likely that the products they are using are actually not suitable for you. People with dry skin should be careful to avoid cleaning products that over-cleanse the sebum on the face. On the contrary, people with oily skin need to choose products that can moderately remove sebum from the face, but can keep the skin moist. If you feel the skin on your face is tight after washing your face, you can determine that you are using a face wash product with strong cleaning power. If you use a product with strong cleaning power for a long time, it will lead to a decrease in the self-conditioning function of the skin. It is recommended to use more natural ingredients. gentle cleansing products. After cleaning your face with face wash, remember to gently rinse with room temperature water, and be careful to avoid using hot water to wash your face. Some people think that washing your face with hot water is cleaner, but in fact, washing your face with hot water will excessively remove sebum from your face, which can easily lead to rough skin.

*Apply several times to the face

After washing your face, use a lotion to replenish the skin on your face, and then use an ampoule with a highly concentrated essence for maintenance. The ampoule is sealed with a high concentration of essence, so it will not be applied to the face in large quantities like a lotion. You only need to use one or two drops for the areas you are more concerned about.

* Gently push open to allow skin to absorb

After applying an appropriate amount of the essence of the ampoule on the skin, please extend it gently to allow the essence to penetrate. The most important thing is to avoid pushing and rubbing too hard, not only when using the ampoule, but also when using any skin care products. Rubbing it will damage the skin.